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Children of the Law of One

by Justinus Primitive

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I am a human being capable of touching all of infinity. I'm hear to gain something. As yet, I've gained nothing but pain, a waste of pain. I was all hormones and energy, now I'm a vision of what life could be. I am a human being capable of touching all of infinity. I am a human being capable of creating all of infinity. I am a human being capable of being infinity.
City Dervish 03:35
Chorus: Have you ever tripped out to the gaze of the Sears Tower? Absorbing city energy and amplifies in perfect power. Have you ever laid down in the sands of Oak Street Beach? Divine whispers off the lake with sweet truth and subtle speech. Have you ever considered the metaphysical implications of the fact this place exists? Intense concentration of human desire combined with heavenly fire, we're manifesting a metropolis with intent to merge dreams with our power. I'm walking through Old Town. 131 year old shades whisper confessions and lessons, accusations and repressions, a message, a blessing. I hear things that shouldn't be. I see things I shouldn't see. The spirits here are wrestling, restlessly. When they speak to me in tongues unknown, feel so alone, their secrets all around constantly. Their voices all around constantly. Their voices all around constantly. Stop. Stop. Stop! Desperate voices yearning to communicate the things they've seen. Especially the changes that the future of the city brings. They're constantly reliving cycles of the dramas that they've been. Unique perspectives knowing now and intimately what was then. Personal stories unfold before me in the form of former glories. Revelations unravel after passing, the people lived before me. Tragically they're after things that are far beyond the reach from where their grasping. My reality is split between the living and this haunting. Chorus. I bike through the rush hour loop. The city's made us a machine. Just a cog, I play my part in this destiny. It's a vital engine, it's an essence, it's a living presence that consumes human dreams. The street excrete something so large, infinitely complex, something no one could ever forever plan or plan to stop evolving never. I submit my will to the cities energy, potential creativity, an ebb and flow through hearts and minds. It's hard to find, the surface level hides what we hold inside. We're coming closer to becoming one mind. We're coming closer to becoming one mind. Gears grow tighter, more intricate, we expand on. The future unfolds. Divine blessings come through new technology. We're closer to becoming a singular entity presently known only as City. Chorus. We're coming closer to becoming one mind. (Breath of Life, Power, Fully Realized Human)
(Yod Hey Vod Hey) (Close your eyes and see) Heaven. Earth. Day. Night. Skies. Seas. Plants. Tree. The Sun. Water Creatures. Air Creatures. Land Creatures. Man.
Disillusioned when expectations wrongly manifested. When the magick gets too specific the world can seem wicked. It's a dirty trick when you thought that you were getting lifted. Rework my imagination so reality get shifted. Chorus: Who's world is this? It's ours believe it or not. Better or worse couldn't have another. Like it or not, this is what we wanted. This is what we wanted. Who's world is this? It's ours believe it or not. Better or worse couldn't make another. Like it or not, this is what we wanted. This is what we wanted. I feel like running and screaming, instead I'll keep dreaming. Essential function that keeps me believing that I can survive on my own terms in this reality. Do what I feel I need to do. The evolution of a life and all the tests that I been through. Thought that you could get whatever you wanted. Now I know there's repercussions. Thought you could get whatever you wanted. Now I know it's nothing. Chorus. I thought the future was mine but two times been burned for assuming life was in my power. Actually my destiny's a mystery, my history's a story with many eccentric tangents thats building up my talents. Looking at lifes a game I play to win then you deify yourself thinking you control everything. Now I'm getting warning of prophetic dreams in phone calls. I've over stepped my bounds again… Chorus Breaking social norms is a hobby. Breaking friendly boundaries ends up sloppy and confusion and doesn't guarantee anything. I was looking for experience, pushing people into the realms of dreams, disregarding emotions, actions, and realities. When a dream shatters it's an unforgiving tragedy. Things seem unresolvable, problems unsolvable, relationships are strained and our hearts are uncalmable able but this is what we wanted. Chorus.
At the end of the fifth world, you'll see me setting up in Egypt. Staring straight up at the pyramid, a prayer to unite all past worlds. Marks on my hand, blood in my mouth, portal opens up, somethings coming out. We'd been warned of the wormholes. It's been written in stone. For the last 12,000 years where the ancients carved their tomes. Chorus: I welcome the world changer, me and a chorus of angels. I welcome the world changer, me and a host of spirit guides. I welcome the world changer, me and my patron deity. I welcome the world changer, me as I enter the trance of transformation. I'm standing at the top of the world. I melded with the all seeing eye. I oversee the ebb and flow of time in the scales that it moves in human lives. I've got nothing to do with this planet other than the fact that I was born in. I watch as fire takes water, oceans fall, skies fill with steam. Secret forms rise. Secret warriors awake. At the mouth of the Mediterranean, something amazing is taking place. Chorus Time starts to flow backwards. Mankinds ancestors rise. I thought that Egyptian gods were ancient until I viewed this sight. I witnessed half-formed humans, abominations coming up through time. The Sons of Belial harness unhealthy technology, destroys their minds. The Sons of the Law of One return to defend from the Sons of Belial. I bear witness to the war of the ancient ones from before our time. Amazing crystal technology, the veil between the living and the spirit is neutralized, extra sensory phenomenom, and all vibrations of matter exist at one time, Chorus. Modern man falls away, merging with the ancient. Creates something never been seen, something never existed before this day. Can you even call it a day? Time flows in a new direction. All mysteries have been revealed, secrets whispered out in the open; the mystery of the pyramids, the wonder of DNA. My eye sees all, my eye is open. I merge and know everything's ok. The afterlife. The revelation of dimensions. My eye is open. I relax into everything and cease to be a slave. Chorus
I'm manifesting my manifesto. Sitting in light manifested as rainbows. I'm writing my verse under the guidance of angels with a non-dual perspective on realities angles. (I arrived on the back of a goat footed faun…) I arrived on the back of a goat footed faun unsure of what it was that I was to see. I didn't know where I was or what it was to awaken in me. Kathy's psychic circles; getting grounded, touching auras. Then I'm mouthing Egyptian mantras: Sa Sekhem fully realized human. I'm flowing backwards like a river swaying violently. An aura of appreciation, a kaleidoscope of colored prisms. A conduit of energy is moving through a highway of vibrational thought, an orchestra of subtle sound and energy. OM Blessing, energy from heaven. Shamanic trance to align myself with sacred spirit guides. Reiki training; healing hands. Entered a space a never knew I had. Magick sigils invoking Pan. Now my dream space never ends. (Oh Pan!) Then the culmination of my path, a thing unplanned. Elixir of Passion, a call to action. Spiritual longing and the call that resulted. Trekked my way up the hill, down on my knees with my hands in a prayer: God give me a connection. God give me a sign. I wanna know God. I wanna love God. I wanna know God. I wanna love God so give me a one on one for the first time in my life. The answer that followed was somewhat amazing; two days later, heart conversation, talking with Matthew, sudden realization: The burst of bliss is Divine Inspiration! (Oh God, Oh Beloved, My Universe, oh Reality!) Peace Guild initiation, the magick worked and now I'm in it. By the power of the golden light within, by the power of the sacred breath, I manifest this song! My magical awakening followed. Psychic skills, healing guides, cosmic sounds, magic powers. My initiation had ended, sahu in training, mystic beginnings. (Aham Prema) Transformation Mantra. Invocation of the Horned God Pan. Entering ecstatic trances. Power from another land. Lindsay's divination of my divinely inspired musical path: pursuit of pleasure, desired outcome, blind impulse, secret plan. The flow of the Way moves us mysteriously as we find ourselves growing apart, moving apart, consciously. Tranformation. Realization. Integration. Processing. I'm consciously not imposing my will of expectation, we are free. (There is still love) (White Eagle) As I undergo my rapid evolution, I come smack in the face with new concepts, new vocab and a new life plan: drop the spells, immerse in the flow, surrender to God, see where it goes. Lightworking, mediumship, sing my prayers, heal the sick. Expand my mind, shapeshifting, live in light, start teaching. Flex my wings, simplify, sing to grow, grow to die. Merge with source: One with God. One with God. One with God. One with God. One with God. One with God. One with God. One with God
Law of One 02:09
Higher. Go higher. Higher. I'm in two worlds. I'm in two worlds. Simultaneously two worlds I'm in. I am. I don't know what's going on. I'm somewhere I've never been. I don't know what I'm seeing. I'm in a place I've never been. I don't know what this place is. There's people all around me. I don't know who they are but it feels good. But it feels so, so, so …. my inner vision. !!!! My vision comes to and I'm in a… i'm a baby. I'm just sitting. I'm just laying laying laying in this cradle. It's not even a cradle it's just a box in a barn. My vision starts to unblur and I see people I've never seen, I've never know. I don't know who they are but it feels good. I don't know who they are but it feels so good. A trilogy of angels crushed together on their heads. They don't know what they've been told but they are… talking in… Talking in three. Three heads, one mind, they see, I don't know how they do it but I can understand them. They don't say a word but I feel it in my chest. Orion comes down the star from the sky he stays and I don't know what his… His presence, I've seen this before. So familiar yet I've never seen such a face. I don't know what to say but he doesn't need me to say anything. He says everything down. He's been watching over me since my childhood. He says he knows what to say. The Buddha sits down, he says nothing. Nothing needs said, he's just around. He's just around. I see my Pan. He says… Oh! He laughs. There's angels all around me, angels all around. Angels coming down it doesn't matter. I don't know. I can't see anything. It doesn't matter what's around, It's just feelings. And I don't know what to say, don't know what to say. I've never been in a place like this before and I don't even know how I got here. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know where I am and I don't wanna leave anyway cuz it feels so good. Oh this is my initiation! No longer a boy, I.. I stand! I stand. I open my eyes. I open my eyes! I stand humbled. I stand thankful. No longer a boy, no longer, I… my mission before me. Pan! Oh! My mission before me. I'm a man, no longer a boy. I'm going back to where I know where I am. And I know what I have to do. And I know where I'm going now. I know why I came here. Anyway, everything clear to me now. Everything is clear, I know what I have to do. I know why they brought me here.
It's been a long while since a physical shell. It's been a long time since we started this trip. First attempt, first world, now I'm going back down, getting pulled back down. Getting little glimpses. I planned more than I usually do. Little windows to the future. Who would've thought this little thing could be me. In the timeless place I did the work that I needed to do. My ultimate creation: My trajectory. All major interactions and players are set. I wrote a truly great plot that I'll forget. Now forty sun cycles later I feel the pull, most natural call whispering. Funneling me down from subtle vibration to the grossest of physical manifestations. Chorus: Remember we were anarchists? Living off the bounty we nothing but the food in the dumpster and we loved it. Remember we were nomads? Surviving off nothing, no money, outside all summer and we loved it. Remember we were healers? Meditating all day. Getting trained to wield power, let the worlds holy light shine through us and we loved it. And we loved it. And we loved it. My last lesson; it's not about rebellion but that was necessary. Now I'm deep in this plan I wrote myself. Long since forgotten, it exists like a secret grain of sand shining light on my path. I'm in the ten million things, lost, trying to remember. It's pointless. I'm co-creating consciously with the part of my self I left behind when I was out there. I knew I'd be in here, so I created "in here." It suits the needs of out there. When I'm out there it's for a reason. That's part of my plan, that's my mission. I don't know it but I can glimpse it. The misery comes when you're off course, out of your trajectory. At least that's how it is for me. I created paradise to grow the most beautiful thing that I could be. Then I was born. Chorus I was born. I was born. Yes, I was born a fully grown man lying cold on my deathbed. Growing down like Merlin Ambrosius through time like backwards.
I felt heat in a space where the sun never shines. The artificial sky with the water dripping down as the time goes by. We're livin' underground so we're moving to the sound of the cars outside. We do more than stay alive. We're living off the sun like animals from old times. Drifting through this place like we've got control of time. We take the blue mold then inner visions come in. Knowledge from beyond. Then we download the life from the light then it's gone and we're on. Chorus: (Barbelith) Sounds echo in my ear. (Barbelith) Light appearing from nowhere. (Barbelith) I've been purged from my fears. (Barbelith) I'm reborn a living prayer. Topside we look to the sky when inspiration comes, knowledge channeled from beyond then. Elemental energies are flooding me with memories. Images of hidden things; past lives and infant dreams. Realizations come with the selfs undone. Divine water flood and inner walls crumble into smithereens. Tumble through my history. Purified in Mystery and I'm turned on. Chorus. Street walking people hover 'round city steeples with a look of understanding as they grind down their peep holes. See they see with new lenses as you're going on your benders. Pacing 'round their centers, letting light in that cleanses. Unravelling their layers as they're sleeping in the train cars. City mystics shed weight, waiting for the payoff. They speak in strange syllables, practice strange rituals. They're waiting for the word that sparks the world into chaos. Bright sun, let me see the bright sun. Bright song, let me hear a bright song. Chorus.
In Dreams 07:09
Dreams. I don't wanna fear my potential but I refuse to be the one who's wrecking the planet. Working as a scientist in weapons laboratories, I don't wanna be the one who creates the next atomics. I don't wanna fear my potential but I wont be the one Edgar Cayce spoke of; releasing ancient impulses/Sons of Belial. I'm having bad dreams from the last time we wrecked it. I don't wanna fear my potential but I'm scared I might be the secret slave of the light bearer. Ancient Atlantis now modern America. Rome invokes the first dynasty Egypt. I don't wanna fear my potential so I'm sitting up spitting sacred medicine on the south side. Curandero training while I'm down in South America. Ancient rites with elder Ayahuasceros. In Dreams. In Dreams. In Dreams. In Dreams. (Dream #1) (Dream #2) I don't wanna fear my potential but I don't wanna be a part of reinforcing social norms, living like a slave in a post-modern America while somewhere Sam Zurick walks down the mystics path. I don't wanna fear my potential but I don't wanna wake up to find myself someone I don't want to be: Compromising my values for money, living some certain way just cuz that's what life presented. I don't wanna fear my potential but I also don't wanna disappoint those that raised me. All the energy and time spent to rear me seems like it should at least add up to something. I don't wanna fear my potential but I'm scared my delusions might prevent me from doing good things. Keeping me occupied in paranoid fantasy while the universe outside just passes me by. (Dream #3) In Dreams. In Dreams. In Dreams. In Dreams. I don't wanna fear my potential but I don't wanna be a bored laborer forever, working up the hierarchy solely for personal gains, but I do wanna give myself to something higher. I don't wanna fear my potential but I don't wanna sit in an office everyday. I need to be outside, be immersed in nature. I need to have a personal connection with the ground. I don't wanna fear my potential but I'm scared that I might be wasting my life. If I choose the wrong path, will I even ever know? I don't wanna feel like I'm just waiting to die. I don't wanna fear my potential but I feel like I'm gonna just have to run away. There's something I can't handle. Maybe it's the whole world. I don't even know but I've already sold everything. (Dream #4) In Dreams. (Dream #5) In Dreams. In Dreams. In Dreams. In Dreams. I don't wanna fear my potential but somewhere in the world there's a cave calling me. Sit alone in silence. I'm one in meditation. Saturate myself with the love of the Lord. I don't wanna fear my potential but somewhere inside there's a quiet calling. Procreate the species might be the point of life. I could give birth to the next evolution of man. I don't wanna fear my potential but the American trajectory seems so safe: Get a job, find a wife, have kids, live happily ever after, it seems so perfect. I don't wanna fear my potential but this whole reality my just be a dream, an ego driven fantasy that we're all creating. If that's the case then I'm taking my own reigns. (Dream #6) Thank you. (Children of the Law of One. We're Children of the Law of One.)



released January 1, 2012

Children of the Law of One was written, assembled, and recorded over the course of two and a half years, 2009-2011, in Chicago by Justin K Prim.

Children of the Law of One was produced by Justin K Prim and Tyler Watkins. Mixed by Tyler Watkins and Justin K Prim. Mastered by Tyler Watkins.

The Barbelith/Forest photo was taken by Andy Milford
and edited by Justin K Prim.

Guest Musicians:
Erick Sherman - Drums on "Law of One" and "In Dreams"
Richard Knapp - Bass on "In Dreams"
Lindsay Lee - “Estra” on "Welcome the World Changer "

Samples were stolen from the following:
"I Don't Care About Anything" by Eric Alexander was used on "Do You Remember?"

"Joanne Creasy" by Castle Oldchair was used on "Matrix Baller"

"Noise, Idaho" by Chad Serhal was used on "Lightworkers Manifesto"

Lyrics from "The Gospel of Water" by Everything, Now! were used on "Song of the Creator"

Thanks to Rob Roy at Electronaut for the preamp.
Thanks to Justin at I Had an Accident for the opportunity.
Thanks to Karl Hofstetter & Tyler Watkins for the trades.

This album is encoded with a spiritual healing system called Magical Awakening. As you listen to the record, intend to receive the healing and you will. For more information, visit: www.magicalawakening.org




Justinus Primitive San Francisco, California

Spiritual Singer Dystopian Rapper Installation Artist

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